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Training Institute

Training Institute

  • Training Institute

Schedule Caste and Scheduled Tribe, Research and Training Institute, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh was established in 1986-87 vide government order No. 1261/26-ज-86-850-84 dated 15th January, 1987. Like other states, this institute is established under the research training scheme of Ministry of Tribal Works, Government of India. In this scheme, 50 percent of the project expenditure incurred is borne by Government of India and the remaining 50 percent is borne by the State Government.

Objectives of the institution and scheduled task-

Government has decided undermentioned objectives of this institution:-

  • Research and survey work for the backword classes including scheduled caste, scheduled tribes, Nomadic races and other backward classes for their economic, social, cultural and educational development.
  • Conceptualization of various development projects, and development of process of planning and execution process.
  • Provide training to officers and employees deputed on the welfare jobs associated with backward classes for preparing better plans and execution of the same.
  • To study and evaluate the existing projects for the welfare of backward classes and recommend any alterations/betterment in those.
  • Accumulation and publication of the multidimensional material associated with welfare/development of the backward classes.
  • To design practical oriented schemes for the development of backward classes, when needed.

Progress of e-governance

Action is in progress to execute e-governance within the institution. Computers are to be utilised in daily work process. There are 17 computers available in this institution. Institution is preparing maximum reports on research/evaluation studies through computers. Statistics related with scheduled caste and scheduled tribe's population is preserved in computes for using in case studies. For maintaining quality in the studies, latest information technology is being used for establishing e-governance.